The all new fat burning, muscle building, bootcamp in Crewe



Area 51 Fitness is a functional high intensity interval session that anyone can do. It's fun and challenging for every fitness level, and it works!

Fat Burning & Weight Loss


Fat burning is best achieved with a combination of muscle building and high intensity interval training (HIIT). At Area 51 our big, whole body movements can help build muscle whilst the HIT can burn body fat.

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Muscle Building


Area 51 Fitness sessions can aide in muscle building as part of a mixed program of strength training, cardio and good nutrition, increasing muscle tone and helping to build quality muscle along the way.

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Improving General Fitness


Area 51 Fitness classes are designed to improve all aspects of fitness. Strength both dynamically and functionally, cardiovascular fitness both aerobic and anaerobically.

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Improving Sporting performance

Improving Sporting performance

The training movements at Area 51 Fitness can be found in all sports. From throwing, to jumping, our stations mimic sporting movement patterns so you can improve your strength and conditioning for your sport

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Reduces stress

Reduces stress

There is nothing better to take your aggression out than hitting things and working hard. We have baseball bats, tyres, sledgehammer‘s, throw balls and all sorts of ...

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The cost per session is £3.75 or you can block book 10 classes for £32.50. Please use our online
booking system to book your place and pay for your sessions.


Informative Blogs on Health and Fitness from Tim, Matt & Kirsty.

Class Times

Heart Rate System

Area 51 now has a new heart rate system up and running only £1.50 to rent (per session) and if u want your own belt it's only £65, cheaper and…


Tim and Matt have over 10 years experience as personal trainers; they both provide one on one coaching and group training specialising in weight loss and muscle building through strength training.


Tim Rosiek

I have worked in the industry as a personal trainer for over 13 years and along the way I have picked up numerous skills and techniques to help my clients achieve their fitness goals from weight loss, muscle building to improving sporting performance.

Matthew Fox

I have been a Personal Trainer and Strength and Conditioning Coach for over 8 years. I train people to succeed in whatever their personal goals. My clients range from recreational health enthusiasts to European champions and everything in between.

Kirsty Morrey

I have been involved in sport since the age of 5, the main sport is gymnastics I have trained within elite gymnastics since the age of 5 and started to compete at the age of 7 . I have travelled to America to train and compete.


HAPPY CLIENTS - Just a few testimonials from our Area 51 Members

Such a good workout on a Saturday morning. It’s been put together perfectly so that everybody can push themselves to their own limits. It was nice working in pairs and its great being outdoors in the fresh air.

T3 Sarah Stoneley

An awesome all over body workout, which is great fun, with a great bunch of people… Tim and Matt are awesome, really push you as hard as you can and talk you through all the exercises and bits of kit in case.

T2 Carl Ferrer

I love the 30 second blasts & minimal recovery time “) Its enough to make u want to be sick lol. You’ve just gota push through it. If you work hard enough and step out of your comfort zone its extreme training.

T1 Amy-Louise Jardine


If you would like more information about Area 51 Fitness please contact us using the below contact information or please fill out your details and send us an email, we will aim to get back in contact with you within 24hrs.